Keeping your WordPress Blogs Speedy & Secure

WordPress Services

We offer consulting services for WordPress and other Web Infrastructure, including Security, PCI Compliance, Performance Tuning, and Hosting.

Secure your Blog / WebSite

We are experts in WordPress, and Web / eCommerce security. We can clean up infected sites, and improve your sites' security to prevent future compromise. We also setup Firewalls, WAFs, IPS, and VPNs.


Is your blog too slow? We can tune it up, adding caching, optimizing your OS & database settings, and more!


We provide a secure, stable, speedy, and PCI compliant platform for hosting your website, blog, or eCommerce store. Don't have a site? We can help you build one!

BlogSec quickly cleaned up our company's WordPress site when it got infected by an Internet Worm!